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Master your Smith Grind by downloading Smith Grind Live Wallpaper and having it on your android background. In skateboarding, Grinds are tricks that involve the skateboarder sliding along an object using the trucks of a skateboard rather than the wheels. Grinds can be performed on any object narrow enough to fit between wheels and are often performed on the coping (edge) of a skate ramp, a purpose-built "grind box", step, ledge or horizontally-positioned pole.
Grinding is damaging to materials which are not hardened for the specific purpose of the sport, as may be found in a skate park. The trucks are a composed of a hard metal without lubricant or bearings on the grinding surface, so they literally do grind on the objects they slide across. Grinding can strip paint off of steel and wear down the edges of concrete, stone, aluminum, and wood building materials. Grinding in public places may be seen as a form of vandalism and may cause skateboarding to be banned by business owners and city ordinances.
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