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    Snakes HD Wallpapers
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    Interesting facts about Snakes:

    If any of you believe that the snake - not being very nice , it is very seriously mistaken . Recent research scientists in this field have shown that snakes are capable of warm feelings , affection and even love ! In this sense some danger to humans may represent a major snake finite dimensions (which can suffocate in a fit of love) , and even, perhaps , poisonous -coiled snake. All the others are relatively safe when hibernate .Living snakes are found on every continent , krome Antarctica and a few large islands such as Ireland and New Zealand , as well as mnozhestva small islands of the Atlantic Ocean and the central Pacific oсeana .nakes have mastered almost all living spaces Zemli except air . Snakes are found on all continents except Antarctica.They rasprostraneny of the Arctic Circle in the north to the southern tip of the American materika . Especially numerous zmei in tropical regions of Asia , Africa , South America and Australia.

    They live in different environmental conditions - lesah , steppes, deserts, foothills and mountains. They prefer areas with hot climates .Snakes are mostly nazemny lifestyle, but some species live underground , in water, in trees. Under adverse conditions , naprimer , as a result of cold weather , snakes hibernate .Among the variety of snakes vstrechayutsya as harmless and very dangerous to humans and animals poisonous representatives . Most snakes DO NOT have the poison and toxic poison used primarily for hunting , not for self-defense. Some species have potent venom , the actions of which is enough to cause boleznennye injury or even loss of life. Nonpoisonous snakes either swallow prey whole ( snakes ) , or pre- killed ( suffocating ) ee ( snakes , boas ) .The largest snake living on Earth - the reticulated python and a boa constrictor anaconda water . Samye small snakes alive today on the planet - Leptotyphlops carlae reach a length of no more than 10 centimeters. Most zmey refers to small reptiles , about 1 metra .

    The study of the science of snakes zanimaetsya serpentologiya .In search of prey snake track odors by using razdvoenny language for collecting particles from the environment and then passing them in the mouth for examination ( vomeronazalny organ or Jacobson's organ ) . Zmey languages are constantly in motion , carrying out sampling of the particles of air, soil , water, and analyzing the chemical composition of nalichie can detect prey or predators and to determine their position on the ground. Snakes that live in the water , the language effektivno operates under water ( for example, an anaconda ) . Thus , the language in the form of a fork in representatives of the genus daet opportunity to determine the directional sense of smell and taste simultaneously.All known snake - predators . They feed on a variety of animals : vertebrates and bespozvonochnymi . There are species of snakes that specialize in eating a certain type of production , that is stenofagi . Naprimer , rachy too (Regina rigida) feed almost exclusively on crayfish and egg zmei (Dasypeltis) - only the eggs of birds.

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