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Space HD Lite: One Theme with one camera effect turned on.

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Space HD LiveWallPaper is a super realistic 3D live wallpaper. Choose from 6 unique themes all with different properties and settings. Customize the background with 5 different images ranging from galaxies along with their visible galactic cores to nebulae and deep space stars. The livewallpaper contains many settings that will keep you busy for some time.

Asteroids shoot by you giving you a feeling that you're trapped in an Asteroid field or in our own solar systems asteroid belt. In addition, Asteroids head towards doomed earth (or any other planet chosen); a scenario inspired by the Mayan doomsday Calendar.

A Satellite Orbits planets giving you a feeling of tranquility. These, are some of the themes included in the full version of the app.

Every scene or theme is highly customizable; you can choose from many camera effects as well as enable touch screen events. Moreover, you could choose from an array of planet from our Solar System; this includes Venus, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, and Jupiter. All planets come with various options.

Asteroid and satellite 3D object have settings as well. You can select speed, rotation and touch events.

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