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    Days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, you can feel and smell the first precursors of the most wonderful time of the year: Spring is coming. This app celebrates it, reminds you joyfully and brings spring feelings directly from your Android Device!

    Enjoy beautiful, inspiring green spring landscapes, joyful spring illustrations and floral designs that remind you, that warmth and sun waits for you when you leave the office today! This live wallpaper has only one messsage: Go outdoor now and catch as many sunbeams as you can!
    (By the way: Some easter images are included of course. Its just a part of spring ;-). But if you want a Live Wallpaper which is exclusively dedicated to Easter, then you can check this: )

    A huge selection of HD spring images grants instant spring feelings. Beside of the wonderful themes (some photo-realistic, some illustrations) you will find a lot of cool customization options.
    One of the cool features is for instance the possibility to add glitter and sparkle effects.

    This app is not a common slide show. You have different stylish image transitions a lot of other visual effects like sparkling hearts, flares, etc.... You can also add a sparkle trail effect which looks amazing! Choose colour and item type and enjoy your interactivity with the app! Check it out, explore it and be surprised!

    ❤The FREE version is fully functional and comes with some HD images preinstalled. Additionally you can download THREE favourite HD themes of your choice. All optical effects work in the free version.
    ❤The PRO version is ad free and you can download the entire HD themes selection and all new images (next year & future) for your entire lifetime!

    ❤ QUALITY: If you think the app is not good, you can provide a one star rating of course. Provide an explanation and we will try to get better. We are really interested in what you think.
    ❤ GREED & MAMMONISM: If you rate it one star, because you don’t get ALL HD images for free: We use 80% licensed images to provide premium themes. We had to pay for them. If you’re too greedy to spend 99 cents, or if you think a developer should not be paid at the end of the month then please stay away from our apps. Nobody forces you to use it and tell your boss, that you will work for free from now on too!
    ❤ BUGS: We will answer each support request to and try to fix your issue. We will for sure NOT react on error descriptions in a one star rating comment.

    ❀ Many great looking colourful HD tablet tested wallpaper theme
    ❤ Configurable Glitter & Sparkle overlay effect
    ✿ Configurable image transition types
    ❤ Configurable Glitter trail on touch
    ❀ Battery and performance optimized but -->
    ✿ Battery saver option (automatically deactivate Live Wallpaper if power falls below threshold)

    Internet Access:
    a) To download additional themes
    b) for displaying ad banners (no push ads!) in the free version
    Reading Phone state:
    a) required by all live wallpapers, to know when booting has finished (+sd card is available) and when the wallpaper can start without crashing

    Any problems? Just write to . We will for sure answer each request and care for your problem. We will also for sure not care for our problem if you try to "motivate" us with a one star rating. Just because you would forget to change your rating even if we fix the issue within 5 minutes.

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