(Star Wars) Darth Vader Says



The must have application for all Star Wars fans. Use Darth Vader's movie sounds in conversation. Speak with Vader's mouth. Say "Yes, Master" or "NOOOOO!" to your boss ;). Just press the buttons and listen to the Vader. Feel the power of the dark side of the force :).

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In version 1.1:

- more sounds
- "More apps" button -> my other apps

In version 1.2:

- you can now save sounds as ringtone or notification - just press the button a bit longer
- fixed visibility of the navigation buttons

In version 1.2.1:
-small bugfixes

In version 1.2.2:
- buttons visibility fix, more apps under "more apps button"

In version 1.3:
- additional button "Random sound" to play random sound
- additional button "BREATH!" - the famous Dath Vader's breath
- more of BartsApps under "BartsApps" button
- more free aps under "More apps" button

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