STATUSmall with LTE Scheduler



This app's "Change netwok setting function" is only for moded Phone.apk.
Please try free version.

For SONY Xperia Small App
Toggle for Small App

STATUSmall is a small application that helps you to change device setting and even not stop another application.
This small application can be minimized or moved around the screen.

This app have also implemented toggle function SONY Small App as a (small application).
■ Changing the Brightness
■ Changing the Airplane mode
■ Changing the Bluetooth mode
■ Changing the GPS mode
■ Flashlights of on
■ Changing the Mobile data mode
※ change of Network mode
■ Changing the Screen rotation mode
■ Changing the Data synchronization mode
■ Changing the WiFi mode
■ Changing the Tethering mode
■ Expand Status bar
■ Changing the volume mode

You can sort by drag the order of the above features, you can also change the settings of the display and non-display.
If you want to change, you can change the size of small app.
Please press the "Sort" button.

※ It has also included small apps Tablet, but small app does not start when you press the icon for the Tablet.
※ Tablet icon so would have been displayed in the small application launcher when updating, re-installation, please delete it by drag and drop.

And this app is for Changing and manage Network Type scheduling.

You can sheduling LTE -> WCDMA ONLY.
You can WCDMA ONLY -> sheduling LTE.
And more settings.

For SONY Xperia Series

Small apps extension for Sony products,Small app,video,Xperia,Z,AX,GX,SX,TX

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