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A device for the reading and sending of long distance telegrams using secret technology gleaned from the archives of "Baron Stans' Time Machine Chronicles - Appendix 219a" - (We found it in his left trouser pocket after offering to help clean his soot covered apparel. He's a long time friend, just like you.)

Please read the instructions below. I'm tired of lazy people rating the hard work I give to you for free, low because they can't be bothered to read instructions. Thanks. I appreciate it. I still love you all though.

** Installation Instructions **
This Steampunk Theme is a THEME. A theme that requires the GO Email Widget in order to work - so grab that here also

With both the GO Email Widget and the Steampunk Theme installed
> Long Press an empty area of your home screen
> From the popup menu select GO Widget
> Scroll Left or Right Until you see Email - Select It
> Select the Paint Icon > Select Steampunk
> Tap the Steampunk Preview image
> That should be it - sorted

If you already have the widget on your home screen and want to apply the Steampunk theme
> Long press the title bar of the widget and from the small menu select Themes
> Scroll Left or Right until you get to the Steampunk Preview

I hope you like the theme. If not drop me an email, or like my page on facebook. You'll also find a few more wallpapers there and hear when new stuff is about to be released.

Thank you very much for using my themes, don't be afraid to rate. Over and out.

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