Steampunk Time Live Wallpaper



Steampunk Time Live Wallpaper: Steampunk gears with a test tube digital clock and battery stats.

This steampunk gears lwp shows the following battery stats
health, status, voltage, temperature and level.
They all also come with warning red lights to show you which one is out.
example: battery temperature too hot sets off the left arrow pointing you to where the problem is and a red light will be over the troubled area.
Another example would be the battery level getting low the two red lights pointing down to the centre gear will light up as well as a red glow in the gear letting you know to recharge your battery.

I added an old steam punk clock that I made with test tubes

I added a leather looking style at the bottom with gears and the steampunk in an old style font to give it some flair to go with steampunk themes you might have.

This is not a movie!
You have you choice in the following:

✔ Speed of gears
✔ Colour of fonts
✔ FPS to save battery life
✔ Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

If you have any issues or suggestions please email or add a message on the support site
Thank you

for this comment here
"Steam punk! Easy to set up and no refunds for this app"
I don't know exactly what you mean by this but in case anyone was wondering, yes I do give refunds. that goes for all my apps, if you ever have any issues with canceling an order just email me, but yes if someone is unhappy with my any app or wish a refund, I do give refunds, maybe this person meant they wont get a refund because they gave me 5 stars and said it was easy to set up. Not sure but just wanted to make it clear I do.

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