SuperCombo CM9 Theme chooser



works with CM10 and CM9 / AOKP THEME CHOOSER

This is Supercombo! its a combination of all my SSD themes. taking the parts i like the most, and mashing them together! There is also a bit more color and flare then the normal line of SSD themes.

this is the Donated version, you can find the free version at

There is no difference between the donated version and the free one!

If you get the error saying the theme was compiled incorrectly, don't panic! simply apply the system default theme and reboot. then install this one.. this is a known issue and very common.


download the theme. then navigate to the theme picker area of your Rom, apply theme.. you will get a message saying the theme is missing assets, Ignore this. apply anyways. it is advised to reboot after applying to ensure all aspects of the theme take.

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