Switch Master(Trial)



Switch Master can quickly switch or control most system settings. it has a powerful interface customization features(not supported in Trial Version). Like "GoWidget switch", you can sort the switch by dragging and moving it.But unlike gowidget, switch master is a standard android widget, and it can use in other Launchers.

★ Can not uninstall?
Please deactivate "Settings"->"Security"->"Device administration" before uninstalling.

Supported Toggle Actions:
• Wi-Fi
• Data Connection
• Bluetooth
• Brightness
• Auto-sync
• Auto-Rotate
• Screen Always On
• Airplane Mode
• Scan Media
• Vibration/Silent
• Battery
• Flashlight
• Unlock Pattern
• Reboot
• Speaker Mode
• Auto-Screen Lock
• Mount SD
• Wi-Fi Hotspot
• USB Tether
• Bluetooth Tether
• Lock Screen
• Wi-Fi Sleep Policy
• Volume

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