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Android task manager, memory management, installation, application management, and system information

Task Manager to force quit the application, the memory or battery is a stabilizing applications.
Task Manager to shut down the process, okay, the process is only exposed.
Many processes in the Task List is not that good seen using other similar applications, see hasilttae.

1. Active applications
- Does not completely shut down the background (Background) to terminate the pending applications
2. Downloaded
- For your aepdeule downloaded to view and modify the details provided to allow easy
3. RAM Management
- You are currently using gives you the memory usage information.
- Memory cleaning (high) for the overall reclaims the memory of all the applications.
- Memory clean (low) for a time, took advantage aepdeule to reclaim memory.
4. Storage space
- Install the program memory and external storage space can determine the amount of.
5. Widget
- If you register widget with the current program memory can be installed on current running application can check the summary information.
- Clicking on the widget, go to Task Manager is easy.
※ Some of Task killer application does not properly shut down the application, there are applications.
Did not run once in the list of task management applications that demonstrate that exposure sikimyeo application of termination.
Been shut down had not been shut down applications of lying!

You writing your own Task Killer Application of the season to check out.

How to check is simple!

1. Will run a particular application.
2. 'll Speak to your application to run Task Kill which will terminate the application.
3. Settings -> Applications -> Application Management Learn from the exit that application
Probably will not shut down, would have enabled the Force Quit button.

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