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    The Jadu (더 자두) was South Korean modern rock band that performed from 2001 to 2008. "Jadu" means "Plum" in Korean. In 2000, Korea Now called The Jadu one of Korea's "most celebrated indie bands."[1]

    The band formed in 2001, initially comprising lead Jadu (자두) (real name Song Yongsik; 송용식) and Kang Doo (강두) (real name Song Yong Shik; 송용식). Kang left the band in 2006 to pursue an acting career, and was replaced by Maru (마루).[2]

    After the band's breakup, Jadu pursued a career in acting.

    Version 0001, released 2001-03-22
    Change Yourself, released 2002-04-02
    Jadu 3, released 2003-05-15
    Jadu 4, released 2005-05-03
    Happy Network, released 2008-04-24


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