Tiger Magic Touch Waterfall



Tiger sitting in a pool, with waves on the water, a real waterfall, a volcano with fire and smoke coming out. Trees waving, birds singing, water flowing. This is a fully animated scene to beautify your phone. Very low memory consumption. Consumes no power when no visible or phone is on standby. 100% battery friendly.

1. The tiger blinks it eyes
2. The water in pool moves in waves
3. Wind blowing with the trees and leaves waving
4. Grass waving
5. Real waterfall with moving water
6. Volcano with fire and smoke coming out.
7. Tap to hear surround sound.

To use

1. After installation, it should take you directly to the settings screen. You can set the Waterfall live wallpaper from there.

If you want to access the setting screen again in the future, just click on the waterfall app icon.

This app is 100% free.

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