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    Titanium Flat is a lightweight & easy to install uccw skin. It comes with three skins, that are modifiable to some extend. When setting up the skin, please carefully read the instructions or email me. Please don't rate it bad because something doesn't work, email me instead. Leave a rating if you like it.

    - Latest Version of UCCW

    - Please note that this is an extension skin for the uccw app
    - Contact me instead of leaving a bad review
    - You can modify the skin to some extend

    Please visit the link below if you need the wallpaper, additional icons and the psd file.
    There are is also a more thorough instruction guide with pictures.

    note: Visit the link in the 'Resources' section for a more thorough setup guide (Pictures)

    A. Configuring Apex Launcher
    1. Overlapping Widgets = On
    2. Portrait Grid = 9x8
    3. Horizontal & Vertical Margin = None
    4. Manage Screens = Two Screens
    5. Hide Notification Bar
    6. Widget Padding = None
    7. Turn Off Dock

    B. UCCW Widget Sizes
    1. Top Bar = 4x1
    2. Notification Bar = 4x2
    3. Bottom Bar = 4x1

    C. Turn On / Off Hotspot Mode
    1. Go into the uccw app
    2. Press the top right button
    3. Select "Lock Widgets"
    4. Select either one

    Hotspot Mode On = If the Hotspot mode is turned on, it means that you are no longer able to modify the skin, you can start using it already (the shortcuts to the apps will now work)

    Hotspot Mode Off = If the Hotspot Mode is turned off, it means that you can now modify the skin

    D. Edit Colors / Add Email / Etc
    1. To modify the skin, add your email, etc. hotspot mode needs to be turned off
    2. Click on the skin (needs to be placed on the homescreen first)
    3. Once you're inside, you can modify everything by scrolling below.

    E. Change Location / Fahrenheit - Celsius
    1. Go into the UCCW app
    2. Press the icon on the top right
    3. Select Settings
    4. Enter your location at 'Location'
    5. Check for Celsius
    6. Uncheck for Fahrenheit

    If you have any questions, please do contact me. I reply pretty fast and I take your issues seriously. Also, please leave a review if you like the skin

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