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Let's make wallpaper with your favorite photos in your albums on the 'Tracks of Life' !!

You can customize Photos, Panels and the Background image.

Let's make live wall paper with photos which you took and your image collections !

[since ver 1.7]
Share function is available !!
You can play from gallery with share command.
The command makes a group and move selecting files to it.

[since ver 1.6]
I made a Image search link function.
You can collect photos of an artist, an idol, a movie, and anime from it, and enjoy.

[ 1. Select a photo group ]
You select a photo group in gallery. It's played in 'Tracks of Life'.

[ 2. Select a panel design ]
You select a favorite panel design from 11 kind panel designs.

[ 3. Select the background ]
You select the background image from gallery.

You can save made wallpapers as Preset.
You can change your wallpaper by your feeling from Preset.

We look forward to your feedback and comments.

image search application : Azrael

photos : Juan paulo

bgm : watson

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