Tropical Beaches & Waterfalls



Tropical Beaches and Waterfalls live wallpaper pack showing 26 stunning beautiful animated background backgrounds for your enjoyment. You will never have to uninstall this live wallpaper because there are 26 diferent ones to choose from on the settings screen. There are some nice beach and ocean scenes with waves and some nice waterfall waterfalls, dolphins, trees, plants and bunch of good nature stuff to go with this.


App2sd card support
Settings for animation speed

26 Live wallpapers to choose from on the settings screen from below.

1. Waterfalls 1
2. Waterfalls 2
3. Waterfalls 3
4. Waterfalls 4
5. Waterfalls 5
6. Waterfalls 6
7. Waterfalls 7
8. Waterfalls 8
9. Ocean Waves
10. Ocean Wind Storm
11. Ocean Palm Trees
12. Tropical Dolphins
13. Ocean Eagle
14. Dream Lake House
15. Deep Sea Explorer - showing fish swimming in the ocean
16. Night Ocean Waves
17. Beach Waves
18. Evening Lake
19. Grey Sky
20. Tropical Island
21. Beach Sunset
22. 3D Sea Fish
23. Autumn River
24. Paradise River
25. Rain Drops
26. Jumping Dolphins

As you can see that is alot of live wallpapers Jampacked into 1 App. All the LWP's are built into the app so there is no need to download extra content over the web like other devs do.

This is the largest collection of live wallpapers in a single app that you will ever find. All comments will be greatly appreciated.

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Plus many more to come so check back for more and thank you for choosing Aniwidgets.

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