Easily and simply download themes for Touchwiz 4.5 Launcher, made by Fr4gg0r. And also widgets (needs Samsung's framework to be fully functionnals on TW4.5).

a. not available for ICS devices, downloads will not work.
b. this is NOT the launcher !

This launcher is totally FREE and you may download it here : in the "Download" section.

You also will find the themes's list from a webbrowser here :

To see the list of themes :
- open tw4manager
- clic on "Themes"
- hit the "Menu" button
- hit "Refresh themes list"

To download a theme from tw4manager :
- clic on the choosen theme
- hit "download"

To install a theme in Touchwizz 4.5 :
- in Touchwizz 4.5 launcher
- hit button "Menu"
- then "Preferences"
- choose the menu "Themes" in the list
- you now have 3 infos :
** "Current Theme" = the actual installed theme (which is in the ".TW4Themes/currentTheme" folder)
** "Choose Theme" = allow you to choose an installed theme (on your phone)
** "Install Theme" = allow you to install a theme, meaning moving the .zip files from the root [of your phone] to the ".TW4Themes" folder
- as you click on "Choose Theme", a list of available themes will drop down
- select the one you want and the hit "Apply"
you will have a question to answer :

* "Overwrite" = will first delete the content of the ".TW4Themes/currentTheme" folder, then put the new theme in.
* "Merge" = will only install the new theme, without deleting old theme before. This can be very usefull if you want to keep icons which are not in the new theme.
- Save and restart TW4.5

You will find more infos on the official support website :

/!\ Please, do not download the stolen version of Touchwizz 4.5 you may find on Google Play.

tw4manager is totally a product made by Fr4gg0r from XDA.

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