Useful Widgets

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    Useful Widgets contains 5 widgets which are highly customisable to match your home screen.

    The 5 widgets are:

    1) Hours Minutes calculator widget.
    2) Jog Note widget
    3) Contacts widget
    4) Countdown widget
    5) Synchronise widget

    These widgets can be bought individually.


    1 Hours Minutes calculator
    This 2x2 widget has a "normal" calculator and a Hrs:Mins mode which adds/subtracts/multiplies and divides time.
    Time can be specified in either Hrs:Mins (eg 7:24), decimal (eg 7.4) or a mixture of both formats.
    Press the "H:M" button to switch into time mode and "Norm" to switch to calculator mode.

    Same features as our "Hrs Mins calculator" app currently on the market but in a 2x2 widget.
    Has a "normal" calculator mode.
    LCD and digits colour/transparency are easily configurable using the colour picker and transparency slider.
    A preview of the chosen colors is shown.
    Click the calculators display to copy the result into the clipboard so you can paste the result into another application.

    2 Jog Note
    Post-it notes in the shape of 4 animals with 12 different fonts and 16 font sizes in any color and transparency.
    This is a 2x1 widget.

    Select from 4 different animal shapes.
    Select from 12 fonts and 16 font sizes.
    Color/transparency of animal, heading and text are all separately configurable.

    3 Contacts
    This 1x1 widget will display your mobile phone number and/or any combination of your contacts image/information you wish.
    Click Save without any configuration will display your mobile number so its easy to find on your home screen.
    If the displayed mobile number is incorrect or not displayed ask your network provider to send you a text message to program your Sim card.
    Alternatively, create a "myphone" contact and this widget will automatically display the mobile number from this contact.

    All colors and transparency for the message text and background is configurable.
    Display any information (eg email, works tel, home tel, address etc) from your contacts.
    Display information with or without the contacts image in the widget.
    Automatically updates the widget display if the contact is changed. This is done on phone power up to save batteries.
    Select from a list of commands to show only the fields from your contact you want displayed and control the format of your message.
    Automatically appends your mobile number or select the command option to remove it.

    Please note, this widget uses the "Read phone state" and "Read Contacts" permissions.

    4 Countdown
    This 1x1 widget lets you enter an event name and date then shows the name and a digital clock counting down from the current time.
    The countdown can be changed anytime using the widgets own buttons instead of having to recreate the countdown.

    All colors and transparency of the countdown digits, name and label are configurable.
    3 graphical effects when the countdown reaches 0; Knight Rider, Flashing red/white and Rainbow.
    Add or subtract time "on the fly" modifying the days, hours, minutes or seconds using the widgets own buttons.
    No need to recreate the widget to change the countdown time.
    Click the widget to enable the buttons and to select whether the Days/Hours/Mins/Secs label is displayed.

    5 Synchronise
    This 1x1 widget displays a Hrs:Mins:Secs clock where you set the start time which effectively synchronises this clock with another.
    Example, if your works clock machine is 5 minutes fast then simply enter 5 in the minutes field.
    The widget will then be in sync with your clock machine so you dont need to remember the time difference.
    If the clock you are synchronising to is slow then enter a negative number.

    Select from 8 different graphics for the clocks label background.
    Clock digits/background and clocks label color and transparency are separately configurable.
    Can be used to track time differences from other countries or time zones.

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