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This romantic and lovely Valentine's Live Wallpaper comes with ❤ nearly 200 (see all here: ) lovely & stylish HD themes (tablet-proof) ❤ awesome glitter / sparkle effect ❤ touch glitter trail ❤ beautiful image transition effects ❤ Many many simple to use customization options ❤ sound ( rather fun purpose, can get annoying quickly) ❤ Battery saver option

There is not much more to say: Simply the best valentines and most diversified live wallpaper this year on google play. Try it yourself and please your partner with a proof of your love!

With ~200 different images, it can't get boring too soon, because you hardly will see the same background twice a day!

Wanna see incuded images before installing? Check out:
Impressive, eh? ;-)

1) Install wallpaper and apply it (choose it from your live wallpapers list)
2) Goto setting screen and install more themes (including it in the installer package would result in a too large file size). The wallpaper will download the right image for your device density/resolution.
3) Configure many display options such as glitter / sparkle type and movment, transition type, image delay and even power saving if battery falls under a treshould you can define......

Internet: For downloading additional images, for loading ads in the free version
Access on boot completed: Because sd card is mounted after boot, Images are stored on SD.
No push ads included!

The FREE wallpaper will display a watermark after a while but you can FREELY upgrade to the PRO version (removing the watermark without purchasing it with 2 simple steps. If you prefer, you can decide to purchase the PRO version directly as well.

If you experience problems, then please contact prior to giving us bad ratings. Tickets are answered usually within 24 hours. This includes problems in the free upgrade process that usually is smooth and easy with an included upgrade guide.

We will not react on complaints in one star ratings, because users don't correct the ratings, even if we fix the issue on the same day. Because they forget it anyway!

Something to read for crawlers, spiders & search engines: ;-)
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