Vegetarian Festival Wallpapers




    Vegetarian Festival Wallpapers and Theme Application

    Every year in the first decade of the ninth lunar month (late September - early October) on the island of Phuket is an unusual and entertaining "Vegetarian Festival", which has its origins in the religious customs and rituals of Chinese settlers appeared on the island half a century ago.
    The name of the festival is associated with the tradition of not to drink during the nine days of the meat. Residents of Chinese descent southern regions of Thailand to observe strict vegetarian diet, wear white clothes and follow a number of other rules that allow, according to the beliefs, to purify the body and soul.
    It is believed that these days come down to earth "Nine Emperor Gods" that protect the faithful who have proved their faith against all adversity.
    During the celebration of the representatives of the main island of Chinese temples held spectacular processions and colorful traditional rituals of mortification.