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    To browse files, play videos, view images, all you can be completed by Video Player Pro.
    In our common sense, you must feel that video play is just to play video, movies or films. And file manager is for you browse your folders and files. Music player is to make you listen to the music. Every thing has its function which is doomed. How could be one with several functions,which fade the meaning of others existence? But what I have said is true and never contains the factor of exaggeration.
    Video Player Pro is a total free app, which is used to play all types of videos, movies and films. Except for its basic function, it extends to allow you to browse your files and view the images in your device.
    1.It supports almost all kinds of video types on the market.
    2.Browse is for you to view your folders in your phone and SD card.
    3.Image is to view images. For the images, you can show them by the mode- slide show. Click the "Menu" button on the main screen, you can get share the image with your friends by Bluetooth,Messaging, Picasa and Gmail. Delete can be also available according to your preference. You can also see the details, set it as contact icon or wallpaper, crop and rotate it.
    4. Refresh helps you to reload new data.
    5. It supports to classify to avi, mp4, rmvb file list.
    About the playing Screen:
    1.It can make a shortcut about the screen. You can see them in image button of home page.
    2.You can search the video with subtitle in your SD card.
    3.Lock Screen with full screen which means you can not see the buttons in screen. If you want to unlock it, you should press the menu on your smart phone.
    4. You can slide the right/left screen up and down to control the volume and brightness.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~For You~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I know I know it's boring! but I have to show this information to you gays~~ This free app has ad! such as icon ad, notification ad. It's just ad, like you see ad in your TV everyday, nothing is special, my friends, I can earn this cents to buy a beef, that's all!

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