Wallpaper Transformation Pro




    Do you want to make some live wallpaper of your mobile phones? I know there are many live wallpaper apps which can let you make beautiful live wallpaper. But can you let the live wallpaper of your mobile phone changing on by one automatically? This changing is more personalized. The common app can’t help you do this. So I recommend a free
    live wallpaper app to you.
    Transformation is a live wallpaper maker. But it is not complex. As long as
    there are several wallpapers in your mobile phone, that is enough. Now I will
    introduce this app in a detailed way.
    1. After you
    have installed this app, you only can find it in the LIVE WALLPAPER of
    WALLPAPER on your phone.
    2. The first
    time you open this app, you should do some settings. The most important setting
    is that you must choose a folder which is full of imagines.
    3. There are
    many other settings. For instance, you can set the time between pictures. The pictures are rotated or not and so on.
    4. Then you
    touch Set Wallpaper button. The wallpaper of your mobile phone will change automatically
    one by one.
    Transformation is a simple and great live wallpaper app. What’s more, it is
    free. If you want to make special live wallpapers, Wallpaper Transformation Pro is
    your best choice. I believe you will be proud of it.----------------------------------------
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