Water Touch Ripple LWP




    Water Touch Ripples On your Screen !

    Water Touch Ripples is totally free Live Wallpaper. Enjoy it and share it with your friends.

    Get water surface on your wallpaper, touch on screen that will create awesome ripples, and sweet water drop sound.

    We have put really amaizing collection of HD backgrounds and you can use any of it without paying anything.

    To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Select Water Touch Ripples Live Wallpaper

    There are more than 12 HD backgrounds for this Live Wallpaper, it contains beautifull scene of
    underwater clown fish,
    colourful pabbles,
    awesome water pond,
    colurful stones,
    awesome wet stones,
    cool wish pebbles and many more attractive graphics.

    Water Droplet sound is By default off , You can turn it on from settings.

    You can also make some settings for ripples size and speed , create your own combination for ripples size and speed that looks perfect on your screen

    All latest device are supported for this wallpaper like S3, Nexus and others..

    This wallpaper is not competible with Samsung Galaxy S2 having android version 2.3 ,if you having ICS (android 4.0) in S2 it will be supported,
    We are working for S2 issue and will get back with some solution.

    Features :

    More than 12 colourful HD Backgrounds
    Sweet Water Droplet Sound Effect
    Ripple Size and Speed Settings

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