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Weed Widget Pack Pro's review


An entire set of weed themed widgets, sincluding a clock, calendar, and weather widget.

  • Lots of widgets
  • Well designed
  • Lack of brightness control
  • One them for toggle switches

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"Cannabis-themed Widgets"


The widgets are all indeed weed themed - they're all well designed, and work well. The app includes plenty of widgets - controls such as data on/off and auto rotate, and others such as a clock and battery meter. The volume widget only turned vibrate on and off however.


This app contains a whole bunch of widgets, and it also lets you choose between two themes for them all - stoner style and weed style, both of which are well designed. The widgets work well too. If you're after a weed themed widget pack, this is it.


There's not a whole lot to complain about here - the brightness widget could give more control, as it is you can toggle between three states. Being able to change the theme for all of the toggle switches would be nice too - you can only choose one for the whole lot.

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by Oliver

Feb 26, 2015

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