Whales Live Wallpaper



Whales Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper application for Android. It retrieves the photos of the wonderful animals, whales, from Flickr and then shows the photos on screen sequentially.

There is an introduction to whales in wikipedia. You can access the wiki page in the settings screen.

Whales Live Wallpaper is an ad support application. In order to use it, the internet connection has to be turned on. It supports the features as follows :

1. It uses your internet connection to retrieve the photos from Flickr, it will show a warning message if the internet connection is not available.
2. It does not require a user account to login.
3. It supports the in-app ads. The ad view is located in the settings screen.
4. The time interval between two consecutive photos is configurable.
5. User can specify the order of photos to show. There are two orders : sequential order and random order.
6. It can show the title, owner name, taken date, the index number and total number of the photo. It is configurable by the user.
7. Double-tap to show the next photo. It is also configurable.
8. Supports the following transition effects :
. Shuffle
. Fade-in, fade-out

It is configurable by user.

Whales Live Wallpaper Plus is the paid version. It supports more transition effects.

9. It retrieves the photos in a separate task, so there will be no negative impact on user's operations.

This application does not gather any information about the user. No personal identifiable information is collected or stored.

Images are copyright to their respective owners. Flickr is a trademark of Yahoo, Inc.