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Giving flowers, remember their symbolism.
Azalea - sadness, loneliness.
Astra - sums.
Acacia - concealed love.
Anemones - helplessness.
Periwinkle - sweet memories, a symbol of love, marriage, eternal life, immortality of the human soul, the memory stability.
Immortelle - health.
Heather - solitude, late love.
Cherry (color) - declaration of love, maternal devotion and love.
Cornflower - simplicity, tenderness, sensitivity, confidence, grace.
White Carnation - sadness, trust, purity.
Carnation, red - courage, resilience, passionate love.
Hyacinth - fun, sadness. As the number of buds on the flower "meant" the day of the meeting.
Gladiolus - friendship, loyalty, memory, generosity.
Hawthorn (flower) - chastity, love.
Hydrangea - restraint coldness.
Yarrow - neskorenist.
Bells - talkativeness. Bells by the number of flowers "refined" a visit.
Bells field - thanks.
Dahlias - recognition.
Kalina - love, insecurity, sadness, symbol pristine beauty and fidelity.
Lily of the valley - the hidden love, happiness, which returned; purity, gentleness, faithfulness.
Clover - waiting.
Lavender - confession, "do not understand you."
Lily white - purity, hope, youth, peace.
Lotus - purity, chastity, fertility.
Mack - beauty, youth, fun.
Malva - beauty, coldness, hope.
Mimosa - shyness.
Calendula - depression.
Narcissus - pride, egotism, sad love, happy marriage.
Forget - "remember me" permanence and memory.
Orchid - love, beauty.
Primula (primrose) - love that passes; mention.
Peony - longevity, love, shame, pride, hope.
Snowdrop - comfort.
Snowdrop - tenderness, purity, faithfulness.
Daisy - love and peace flower for divination.
Ruta - faith.
Daisy - innocence, consent, kindness, sincerity, chivalry, love, flower for divination.
Rose white - silence.
Rose in bud - a heart that knew no love.
Yellow Rose - betrayal, doubt the sincerity of love.
Tulip - love, pride.
Violet - modesty, humility, charm, loyalty, declarations of love, attraction, sadness.
Chrysanthemum - mental clarity and spiritual purity, happiness, success, happiness, innocence, wisdom, longevity, loyalty.
Chrysanthemum white in the East and in Europe - a symbol of mourning and sorrow.
Thistle - defense response.
Rosehip - beauty, love.
Apple (color) - maternal devotion and love.

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