White Haze Keyboard Skin

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    This is a Keyboard Skin/Theme (NOT AN ACTUAL APP). Installation Instructions are below in this description. You must download, install, and switch your Keyboard to one of the following Keyboard Replacement Apps for this keyboard skin to work:

    Smart Keyboard (Trial or Pro version)
    Perfect Keyboard (Paid version only)
    Better Keyboard (No longer available in the Android Market)
    Ultra Keyboard
    Super Keyboard
    TSwipe-Pro Keyboard
    ICS Keyboard full

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    If you have Keyboard skin requests please email them to us! Also, please email us if you have any technical issues with any keyboard skin you have downloaded and we will be happy to assist you.

    ***Installation Instructions***
    1.First, download one of the Keyboard replacement applications mentioned above from the Android Market to use the skin.

    2. Enable the Keyboard App. To do this, go to your phone's settings, then language and keyboard settings and enable (click on box) of the keyboard app you have downloaded.

    3. Change the input method to the keyboard app you have downloaded (this changes your keyboard to the keyboard replacement application). To do this, long press a search dialog box (for example Google Search) and select the keyboard application. Some phones also allow you to do this by selecting Input method found in language and keyboard settings.

    4. Go to the settings of the keyboard app you have downloaded (can be found in language and keyboard settings or in your application drawer) and change the keyboard skin to the one you downloaded. This differs for each keyboard app but it will generally be under general settings or appearance settings.

    For Smart Keyboard go to Smart Keyboard settings, general settings, then select skin and the skin you have downloaded will be at the bottom of the list.

    For Perfect Keyboard go to Perfect Keyboard Settings, Select Appearance, then select Change theme and select the skin you have downloaded at the bottom of the list.

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