White Noise Grim Reaper LWP



White Noise Grim Reaper Live wallpaper showing the angel of death himself, He is giving everyone the finger and has some cool white noise effects with glowing red eyes and other cool glowing effects, this is a lwp background backgrounds that will be enjoyed by many people.

App2sd card support
settings for animation speed

Part of the Gothic Series Live Wallpapers

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1. Adventure Quest
2. Creeping Hellraiser
3. Death Hellraiser
4. Death Mask Skull
5. Death Skeleton Cross
6. Fate Reaper Skull Killer
7. Gates of Hell
8. Gothic Axe Skeleton
9. Gothic Blood Moon
10. Gothic Spider Fairy
11. Judgement Day Skull Reaper

Plus many more to come so check back for more and thank you for choosing Aniwidgets.

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