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    Super cool and funny battery widget with one of the most famous figures ever, showing your actual battery status.

    Stickman is back and shows your current battery percentage with cool animations.
    You will see him jumping when the battery is fully charged, reading when the battery level starts lowering slightly, getting a little bit worried (the thinker) when the battery reaches 50% and so on, until he does not have the necessary strength to stand on his feet anymore.

    This is the coolest battery status widget ever.
    You will find much more than just a simple battery widget in this app. Along with this incredible widget you will get a lot of fantastic in – app products included, such as cool games, funny jokes, photo functionalities and some special party entertainment tools.

    ★★★ Features: ★★★
    ✔ Widget contains a Small, Large, XL and XXL version.
    For some versions directly resizable. To discover if you can change the size of the widget directly, tip on the widget for a while. If you see a blue frame appearing it means that you can resize it directly.
    ✔ Battery percent status
    ✔ Battery detail information (Capacity, Temperature, Status and more)
    ✔ Possibility to choose a background color for the widget
    ✔ High quality pictures

    Extra Content:
    ★ Beer Girl Game
    Collect points by quickly touching the right objects (beer, bottle, glass, chair and barrel). If you can do it without any faults you will reach the next level! Don’t touch the red ones!
    ★ 1to60 game
    ★ Great numbers game - check now the IQ and your brains memory
    ★ Jokes Collection: Funny jokes divided in different categories. You will find funny jokes about: weather, animals, military, waiters, school etc.
    ★ General knowledge: Do you know all the things about history, machines, geology, geography, biology, environment, economy, people, science etc.?
    ★ Photo Fun Functionality:
    Create funny and fake images/pictures and send per mail, share pictures with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. Upload your pics and turn yourself or your friend into a sexy woman, a ninja warrior, a cool boxer, a model, a basketball player, a DJ, etc.
    ★ Comics & Cartoons: We have comics involving different subjects as for example: cars, music, tv, dogs, food, cinema, sports and many many more.
    ★ Paint: Super entertaining tool to try and draw a picture with your fingertip. There are also a lot of predefined cartoon pictures that can be colored such as a mighty bear, a smart fox, a jumping rabbit (bunny), some funny zombies, monsters, fast rockets and many more. Discover the artist in you!
    ★ Stickers
    Give your pictures a personal touch. Select either a photo from your gallery or an image which is already faked. Take the selected pic and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers. You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. It contains stickers with various subjects like, hats, wigs (hairstyles), bugs, glasses, mouth, sharp dentures (bites), scary objects with blood, etc. Let your pictures communicate something or create some comics by writing some fun stuff into bubbles.
    ★ Virtual Lighter: Flame reacts to motion
    ★ Virtual Match: Realistic flames and sound
    ★ Spin the Bottle: Now for you one of the oldest party games
    ★ Who Pays the Bill?
    ★ Wheel of Fortune: Perfect for every party.
    ★ Video Trailers: Video section with different trailers of hot apps.

    Disclaimer: It could be that the animations do not work on some devices. If the animations do not work you will have some static pictures that will change progressively according to your battery status.

    Have fun with this cool and free widget!
    The ideal app for all Stickman lovers and those who would like to have many cool apps in one.

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