Wood【Creative Locker Theme】



Creative Locker Theme is only available for phones with Creative Locker(http://goo.gl/X3UmQ) installed.Creative Locker is a tiny Android app that makes your phone be full of Creative,Beauty,Surprise,Wonderful and Interesting. You can search “Creative Locker” on Google Play Shop to get more relevant theme.

★Recommended Themes★
Interstellar【Creative Locker Theme】: http://goo.gl/7kYI6
Story【Creative Locker Theme】: http://goo.gl/gJ0qv
Wood【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/3noa0
Steel【Creative Locker Theme】: http://goo.gl/lqn0T
Denim【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/JZNw7
Dream【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/cw8Vr
Sunset【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/0cWjj
Fishery【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/KhM1E
Star【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/zT54c
Hill【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/RDJud
Dark【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/Lcb40
Elegant【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/DA7v7
Magic【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/6ThWh
Moon【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/4cUHe
Goblet【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/YKZ5v
Universe【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/WNPvr
Natura【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/0c6Wx
Autumn【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/FkN2s
Night【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/VXxg1
Stone【Creative Locker Theme】:http://goo.gl/9OziM

Q:How to Apply the Theme
A:Directly open the theme after successful installation.

Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.
Email: hiveforandroid@gmail.com

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