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    When distinguished as a subset of handguns, a pistol is a handgun with a chamber that is integral with the barrel, as opposed to a revolver, wherein the chamber is separate from the barrel as a revolving cylinder.

    This app collects the best pistols in the world. 18 models are included. The pictures, videos and information are presented after clicking each one.

    Live wallpapers are supported. Please enable it by long pressing the desktop and selecting the correct icon, or by clicking the LW button inside app.

    Pistol models:

    Beretta 92/96/98 (Italy)
    Glock 17 (Austria)/item>
    Colt 2000 (U.S.)
    SIG P226/229 (German)
    Heckler & Koch P7 (German)
    Ruger P85/P85 MKII (U.S.)
    Colt M1911A1 (U.S.)
    Czechoslovak CZ83 (Czech)
    Tokarev TT-30/33 (S.U.)
    Walther P99 (German)
    Springfield Armory XD/HS2000 (Croatia)
    Heckler & Koch Mark 23 (German)
    FN Herstal FNP (U.S.)
    Heckler & Koch USP (German)
    QSZ92 (P.R.C.)
    Heckler & Koch HK45 (German)
    FN Five-seven (U.S.)
    IMI Desert Eagle (U.S.)

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