Xperia™ Motion Snap



Xperia Motion Snap is a live wallpaper application provided by Sony Mobile Communications, Inc., It allows you to enjoy a repeated video as a live wallpaper on your Xperia.

Install Xperia™ Motion Snap to shoot a short video. Sony's graphics engine automatically creates a repeated video to let you enjoy your video as a live wallpaper on your Xperia. Xperia™ Motion Snap also enables shooting with a miniature effect. You can also change the image quality and play speed on the live wallpaper settings screen. Enjoy a whole new experience with Xperia™ Motion Snap!

[Supported models]
NTT ドコモ Xperia™ A SO-04E, Xperia™ Z SO-02E, Xperia™ AX SO-01E, Xperia™ SX SO-05D, Xperia™ GX SO-04D, Xperia™ acro HD SO-03D, Xperia™ NX SO-02D, Xperia™ ray SO-03C, Xperia™ acro SO-02C, Xperia™ arc SO-01C, au Xperia™ UL SOL22, Xperia™ VL SOL21, Xperia™ acro HD IS12S, Xperia™ acro IS11S, EMOBILE Sony Ericsson mini S51SE

[Unsupported models]
NTT DOCOMO Xperia™ SO-01B, Xperia™ PLAY SO-01D

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