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**TO SEE theme after install, it MUST be applied using GO Launcher Ex (FREE-10millions users). **INSTRUCTIONS below. (Themes & HOW TO's @ My site - http://golauncherex.blogspot.com.)

- Download & install GO LAUNCHER EX, launch it.
* NOTE: You will see the theme ONLY in GO LAUNCHER EX
- HIT MENU >THEME >FIND and APPLY "XO" theme. Now, theme's changed.
- Questions/Answers in section (F) bottom of this page.

- Easter eggs for GO Launcher EX

** ANNOUNCEMENT: Search XO Studio theme for our themes. Search Search PINK HOLLYWOOD themes for the ladies from our affiliate. Remember to rate and review.

** ANNOUNCEMENT: Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/@xo_studio, we will launch a new campaign "1 FREE THEME A DAY launching mid May". ONLY Twitter followers get the first-hand notice of the new free app for that day.

(B) [ WHAT IS IN THIS Theme? ]
**All Custom work as follows:
-Icons (Big icons available if you have the latest Go Launcher Ex.)
-Home wallpapers
-Dock bar
-App drawer wallpaper
-Drawer top tab panel
-Drawer bottom tab panel
-Save app to SD card

(NOTE: GO LAUNCHER EX must be downloaded before you can change themes)
This is the best home replacement launcher app out there at this time. I personally been using for the past 3 years. Over 10 million downloads.
- AWESOME CHANGER FOR Wallpapers, app drawer
- Icons are replace-able to your liking
- BIG icons
- 3D effects..more

- XO Studio strives for BEST SERVICE, please, BEFORE leaving LESS than 3 STARS rating or negative comment, contact us via email: ten.designer@gmail.com (or scroll down and hit "send email"), we always respond promptly. FOR efficiency and per Google, We CANNOT & WILL NOT be able to respond in COMMENT Section of this app. From our experience, many times, we figure out the issues and take care of your problem for you.

- RESTART your phone & download again, contact Google because XO cannot fix this issue (BILLING).


---> Please make sure you download GO Launcher EX. All GO themes MUST BE applied using GO Launcher EX apps. Follow instructions in section A above please.

(1) Where can I find more themes for the ladies?
---> Search PINK HOLLYWOOD themes

(2) How do I see all your themes?
---> IN Google Search Bar, search XO Studio Themes.
---> Search PINK HOLLYWOOD themes for the ladies

(3) I Want your latest apps and "FREE 1 a day in mid MAY"
---> Follow us on Twitter @XO_studio or do STEP 1 or 2

(4) I Want your full list with screenshots?
---> Visit http://Golauncherex.blogspot.com, click Allmythemes tab

(5) I Want to read more HOW TO's?
---> Visit http://Golauncherex.blogspot.com, click HOW TO's tab

(6) Where is the clock and battery widgets?
---> Search FREE GO clock
---> Search Fancy Clock widget
---> Search FREE Flower battery widget
(These are not part of the theme app that you download. They are FREE on Google Play)

Thank you for your support. We welcome you to email us at ten.designer@gmail.com. We love to help!!!
We are proud that we are one of few developers that have done several charity apps. Check out our
website if you are interested in what we are doing for others.

Michael Au
XO Studio

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