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2Art - Photo Effects is an advance image processing application that allows you to edit images and give them a more artistic touch. 2Art - Photo Effects gives you the freedom to mix and match effects, borders and textures to create a unique overall photo effects each time. Now creating art is not only for the gifted.

Crop - used to select a portion of the image to use
Rotate - used to rotate the image either left or right
Flip - used to flip the image either on the horizontal axis either on the vertical one
Edit - various options to modify the photo's properties, such as the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, tint, posterize and blur
Effects- select from more than 70 different kinds of effects to apply on your photos (cartoon, sketch, oil-painting, pencil..)
Clear - removes all the modifications to the photo and returns it to its original form
Share - choose from various sharing options such as post to Facebook, Twitter, send it as an email attachment and more
Save - saves the edited photo in the 2Art - Effects gallery at your phone's optimum resolution

•and many more


Textures & Borders:
You can add from a set of various textures and borders. Some textures also give you the ability to adjust their fill rate.

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