60 Tips For Photoshop Users

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60 Tips For Photoshop Users

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Watch this course to learn 60 great techniques for improving your Photoshop CC skills, with Dan Moughamian, one of our veteran Photoshop gurus...

There are many ways to accomplish a given task in Photoshop; so what makes one technique faster or better than another? In this course, you find out by tapping into Dan’s many years of Photoshop experience. There is something here for everyone!

First, dive into several important techniques for customizing your brush tools and painting your photo canvas with creative effects. Next, learn some of the most powerful ways to manipulate layers and have fun experimenting with popular Photoshop blend modes and layer effects! There's even a section on how to make selections and layer masks more accurately and efficiently.

You also get a close look at some of the more powerful retouching options in Photoshop CC. For instance, you learn how to retain some of the original character of your photo by using the History Brush as well as how to create simple visual effects with the Puppet Warp command. You even learn how to use a Bezier path to remove unwanted lines from your images!

Dan finishes the course with a close look at useful techniques for creating Black & White photos, exporting high quality photos for the web, and some easy tips to make Photoshop CC work more efficiently for you.

Take your graphic design and image editing skills to the next level by watching our growing library of Adobe Photoshop courses!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Brush Presets and Brush Panel Overview
3. Brush Panel: Brush Tip Shape
4. Brush Panel: Shape Dynamics
5. Brush Panel: Color Dynamics
6. Brush Panel: Texture
7. Paint Workflow Time-Savers (Preset Manager, Shortcut...
8. Introduction to Erodible Brush Tips
9. Introduction to Bristle Tip Brushes
10. Saving Custom Brush Settings
11. Creating Custom Brushes from Vector Shapes
12. Freeform Cropping with Distort Transform
13. Fun with Puppet Warp - Part 1
14. Fun with Puppet Warp - Part 2
15. Content-Aware Scale
16. The Patch Tool
17. Targeted Curves Adjustment Layer
18. Replace Color Image Adjustment
19. Fading Standard Adjustments
20. Using the History Brush
21. Clipping Masks
22. Layers Panel - Layer Opacity vs. Layer Fill
23. Creating Layers from a Selection
24. Creating New Documents from a Layer
25. Linking Layers
26. Selecting Layers Directly
27. Merging Layers vs. Flattening Layers
28. Quick Intro to Blend Modes
29. Blend Mode: Multiply
30. Blend Mode: Screen
31. Blend Mode: Overlay
32. Blend Mode: Difference
33. Blend Mode: Vivid Light
34. Blend Mode: Soft Light
35. Layer Style: Stroke
36. Layer Style: Inner Shadow
37. Layer Style: Drop Shadow
38. Layer Style: Bevel & Emboss
39. Layer Style: Inner Glow
40. Layer Style: Outer Glow
41. Layer Style: Color Overlay
42. Layer Style: Gradient Overlay
43. Layer Style: Pattern Overlay
44. Managing Styles Between Layers
45. Geometric Selections with the Polygonal Lasso
46. Combining Straight Edges and Curves
47. Add, Subtract, Intersect a Selection
48. Selection by Inversion
49. Smoothing a Selection
50. Quick Selection and Edge Refinement
51. Creating Layer Masks from Selections
52. Generating Alpha Channels from Selections
53. Retouching with Paths
54. Improving Contrast with Shadows and Highlights
55. Black & White Adjustment
56. Black & White with the Channel Mixer
57. Simplifying Keyboard Shortcuts
58. Simplifying Photoshop Menus
59. Improved Image Size Workflow
60. Creating Online Formats with Save for Web
61. Closing

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