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    AKB48 Picture search application.
    They are them of large activity now!
    Search and preservation can do their picture quickly.
    Such an application

    It has AKB48 theater which is an exclusive theater in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and Akihabara (outside Kanda), and "the idol [1] who can go to meet" is performed to a concept at an exclusive theater, and it performs on a daily basis for every team almost every day.
    I feel familiar the idol who was a far existence through media, and get Hwang to look at the process in which it grows up, and it is considered as the idol project which both grows.
    The members who work by each with a popular rise also except a main occupation are increasing in number.
    Premiere showing is performed at December 8, 2005 and AKB48 theater, and it will be an indies debut at a single "petals of a cherry tree" in February, 2006.
    the October single "I wanted to meet" of the same year -- a major-label debut.
    Although it participated in "58th NHK Kohaku Song Contest" by what is called "an Akiba frame [2]" in 2007, since the image "the idol for nerds of Akihabara" was strong those days, public concern was thin [3].
    However, if popularity begins to increase gradually from the single "big voice diamond" hit in 2008 and the 1st place of the first Oricon weekly at a single "RIVER" will be gained in 2009, From the next year, one smashing success music after another was produced, and popularity to the extent that it is called from media a "AKB phenomenon" and a "national idol" was won.
    The Japan Record Award will be won by a single "premature start get" in 2011.
    Moreover, also in the 26th Japan gold record grand-prix, "artist of the year" was awarded in the Japanese music section.
    The CD total sales will be 10,340,000 sheets at the time of sale [ single / 23rd sheet / on October 26, 2011 / "the wind is blowing" ], and are recording the highest sales in the artist of Japan which made its CD debut of the 4th set of 10 million-sheet breakthroughs as a female group of Japan in record [4] and the 21st century.
    It is the feature that very many members are on the register.
    Although it was 24 persons at the beginning of formation, if one additional member after another is put in also after that and a research student also includes now, they are nearly 100 households of a large family.
    Although there is also a case generally taken for the number of members being 48 persons from the group name of "AKB48", since the change in a member is intense, it is not fixed.
    Moreover, SKE48 is begun and many sister projects, such as NMB48 and HKT48, exist.

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