Android Security Video 3.3



3,000,000 + home burglaries in USA every year. Home burglars’ surprise and assault and sometimes kill people returning to their house or apartment.


Android Security Camera Photo Alarm 3.2 or Android Security Camera Video Alarm 3.3 app is a powerful, smart, full stand alone easy to use Real Time Security Monitoring System sending text and pictures Direct to your cell phone:
1. Protects family members from accidental surprise in the event you have a home burglar inside your home.
2. Within 30 seconds of motion detecting a burglar in your home you receive pictures or video showing you Pictures of the intruder on your pocket cell phone.
3. Get the fastest police response time because you can provide a description of the intruder without waiting for a third-party security company.
4. Android Security Camera Alarms cannot be disarmed by a burglar cutting the phone line.
5. Use any Android prepaid camera phone – a $100 or less with these apps and no contract.

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