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    [] The aura camera, the subject was shot "aura color" is an application to display. Senses the magnetic energy given off during shooting, we derive a color.

    "Aura color" is an invisible energy emanating from the human and material, and color representation. This color has a different meaning, knowing mental state health has been said, such as love or fortune can understand (eg, "red" if the "state-full of energy" and diagnosis will be displayed.)

    "Aura color" is the mood and situation, so subtle changes depending on the location, it may be interesting to see and diagnose every day. Diagnosis is "Twitter" and "Facebook" can also submitted. Let's all I was reporting on any color.

    The reference to the diagnosis of aura camera [this], I would appreciate your help in making better life.

    ■ How to use this app
    (1) TOP page for this app "shoot" button
    (2) the object you want to take a diagnostic
    (3) the picture "save" (by the terminal name is different).
    (4) Display color of the aura diagnosis
    (5) "Share" button, you can display the content on Twitter and Facebook diagnosis

    ■ Note
    * This application, with no SD card is inserted into the terminal is not available.
    * When the shooting starts the camera. The camera can not display the selected diagnosis. In this case, please select a different camera.

    ■ Support
    Improvements in order to improve the application, we ask your cooperation in the feedback everyone. Report a problem with your request " @" please send it. At that time, "your terminal name" number "Android version" Please also let me know.
    If additional information is needed to resolve the problem, but some may help them contact you, please understand. Thank you for your cooperation.

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