Camera For SmallApp



It is a camera application for the Small App.

It is an app that can be taken in a Small Camera App.
* This app is only for compatible handsets can start Small App.
* Xperia Arc, AX, GX, Z, tablet Z, A operation check

Note: This app, JB and ICS are included.
Please select the Small App that is appropriate for your environment.

Settings (Common)
Shooting mode (Camera, Video, * Silent)
* Silent, you can select only those unable to silence the shutter sound
Camera (Back, Front)

Settings (Back Camera)
Color Effect
White Balance

Settings (Front Camera)

Settings (Video Camera)
Video Size
White Balance

Settings (Front Video Camera)
Video Size

To display the Settings dialog, long press the Settings button.
* The following items can be set in addition to the setting item.
Show / Hide Zoom button.
Select how to change the screen size.
ON / OFF of the shutter sound.
(* OFF shutter sound can be set only for the person who is listed in the standard camera app)

To switch to review mode, long press the resize button.
To switch to the camera mode, long press the Shooting button.
(Back Camera <-> Front Camera <-> Video Camera <-> Front Video Camera ( <-> * Silent) )

Single tap : Show / hide the buttons, etc. (Always Enabled)
Double-tap : Photographing
Pinch in : Zoom in
Pinch out : Zoom out
Long press : Switching to review mode
Swipe right : Minimization
Swipe down : Finish
* To use the function must be enabled in the settings dialog.

Swipe left and right of the image switching
Delete image file
* It is only viewable images taken with small camera.

* During recording, you can not operate in the background.
* This app can not be taken delivery of data.
* When you minimize this application ended.

To minimize, go right, to the lower end.

◎ Known Issue
If there is a preview screen is upside down.
May review screen does not become full size.,Small App,Camera,Xperia,GX,AX,VL,Arc,TX,Z,small apps extension for Sony products

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