Camera FV-5 Lite


Camera FV-5 Lite's review


Camera FV-5 is a worthy camera replacement with lots of pro features

  • Runs smoothly
  • Highly configurable
  • Advanced features
  • Advanced users
  • Crash when switching Program Mode

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"A mobile reflex camera"

If you are more into filters, effects and frames, this isn't the app you are looking for. This is a camera replacement that comes packed with more functions than the built-in camera. However, most of these new features are technical and require previous knowledge on photography.

Thus, Camera FV-5 has some main controls such as white balance, focus mode, metering mode, iso and exposure compensation. In addition, it features some extra tools like exposure, backeting, intervalometer (which is timelapse shooter) and autofocus.

From preferences, you can set image resolution, long exposure resolution, photo review time, antibanding, hardware controls, file format, storage location and many many other parameters. Actually, one of the plus points of Camera FV-5 is its settings: one of the most configurable camera apps.

The app runs smoothly and I only noticed a crash in some cameras when switching the Program Mode. I guess it's just a device issue, but it should be notified previously or otherwise fixed.

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Jul 15, 2013

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