Camera FX



Camera Effects Application is designed for capture the picture using capture, or timer or enabling touch the screen option user friendly and add the effects, frames, text and paint to that picture. By using Camera Effects app can easily open the gallery, select the picture from the gallery for add frames, applying effects, draw paint, text, different type of font styles can apply for the text, can select the different backgrounds individually, draw paint and setting the text on it. By using this app crop, rotate the Image and Text. The effects applied image can save in the gallery and share Image.


Capture the picture with capture, timer and enabling the touch option for screen.
Applying the effects, adding frames and text to the captured image.
Easily open the gallery selecting picture from it.
Have lot of backgrounds,frames,text fonts to apply.
Design the text effectively by adjusting shadows, borders and applying font styles.
Save Image in Gallery and can share Image via SMS/ Social networking site like Facebook,Tweer,Gmail and with other apps....etc.