Camera to be cartoonish



I tried to make the place I heard a cartoon effect to pictures you have taken with the fashion of today.
In a direction you do not want to add as long as (scenes) can effect like Bonga, is the direction in which it will continue to add what you like personally.

[How to use]
· ChangeEffect: ("hereinafter cartoon" located at the bottom to choose from if you want to cartoon) you want to change the effect
· ChangePicSize: to change the image size (but not at the maximum resolution it crashes and ICONIA Nexus7, please reduce the resolution in that case because it may crash Sumaho it.)
· I TakePic: to shoot.

※ If after shooting, not much is Back 3-5 seconds is good.

[Will be updated]
• Adding effects.
Process improvement and after shooting.
· Adding Help
• Increased recognition accuracy.

If there is a demand that want such effect, corresponding to the extent that I can respond.

Tags: 写真 まんが エフェクト , 漫画ぽい エフェクト , 漫画カメラ 解像度