CameraSlimPro Photo Editor




    A powerful, simple and easy to use photo editor.
    This app allows you to write Text on a photo.
    Very light weight and occupies very little memory footprint.
    Very simple user interface that makes it easy and fun to use.
    If you are looking for something fun or useful to write on your photos using fonts of different colors and sizes then this is a perfect app for you. Also supports crop, rotate and tint features.

    List of Features:
    -Draw on your photos.
    -Write on your photos using fonts of different colors and sizes at selected position on the image.
    -Capture photos
    -Open existing images from your gallery or SDCard.
    -crop photos
    -rotate photos
    -Zoom in and out of the images.
    -Pan images.
    -select a color tint for your images by simply dragging a seekbar.
    -Draw on a White Board
    -Add special effects to images: Round Corner, Reflection Effect, Sepia Effect, Invert Effect, Grayscale Effect
    -Saves a copy of the edited image to your SDCard
    -Does not modify the original image, hence you can always retrieve the original image.
    -Note:This version is FREE and is supported by ads.

    Special Instructions for writing on an image:
    After you open or click a photo and click on the write option you can use the menu button to select a font color and position of the text on the screen. To select the position chose this menu option 'Text Position' and simply touch the image wherever you want to write on it. Then enter your Text, select 'write' and Enjoy!!!!!

    Have fun with Photo Editing, drawing and writing on images!!!!

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