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Converts the colors of an image to patterns that are easy to distinguish. It's specially helpful for color-blind people but you can use it just for fun. You can convert the images in your SD card or take new pictures with the camera.

UPDATE: Live video with real-time color to pattern conversion. No ads anymore!!

It works for all kinds of color blindness, no matter if you suffer from daltonism (deuteranopia), protanopia, tritanopia or even if you are totally color blind and you see in black and white.

In the "fruit" mode, red is converted to cherries, orange to oranges, yellow to bananas, green to pears, blue to blueberries and purple to an eggplants (aubergines).

In the "lines" mode, each color has a different inclination. Red is vertical, green is horizontal and other colors have other inclinations. You can memorize all the colors easily: if you imagine a clock, red is 12 o'clock, orange is 1, yellow is 2, green is 3, blue is 4 and purple is 5 o'clock (6 o'clock is red again because is as vertical as 12 o'clock).

The "letters" mode prints the initial of the color.

If you want to translate this app to your language, send me an e-mail (you will have to translate a small file).

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