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Cool Camera is a camera app which dozens of effects

  • Amount of effects
  • Simplicity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Low-profile user
  • Basic features
  • FC on ICS

"Photography for fun"

This is the free version of cool camera which contains ads and some restrictions regarding effects. Actually it allows you to choose what type of Ads you want to see: banner add or ads in notification (up to 2 ads per day). Interesting.

Cool camera isn't focused on offering professional photo edition features, but a user-friendly interface and hilarious effects. It's a sort of "play with your pictures" concept. For this reason simplicity is the rule. In the middle of the screen you have your camera lens surrounded by two side-bars from where you can edit your photo: scene mode, color effect, preview quality, white balance, settings, back/front camera switching, settings and file browser.

What's more, by long-pressing the main screen it will pop-up a screen from where you can choose lots of extra effects. Bear in mind that some of them aren't available in the free version. Thus, bulge, tunel, pinch, mysterious, dupe, vertical stretch... and many many other.

From settings you can choose shutler sound, auto-focus, directory for pictures, etc. There aren't too many options but enough for those who want to edit in a caricature-way their photos. Drop it if you're looking for something more professional.

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