Digital Photography: Beginners

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    Digital Photography: Beginners

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    Picture This!

    Wish You Could Take Pictures Like a Pro?
    Still Using Your Old 35MM?
    Like To Be Able To Point and Click?

    If You Answered YES to Any of Those Questions, it’s Time to Take a Look at a Digital Camera!

    Keep in mind that selecting the appropriate camera to suit your needs is critical and why we have prepared “Digital Photography for Beginners.”
    It can be easy to overspend when purchasing your first digital camera because prices can vary drastically depending on features. That’s where “Digital Photography for Beginners” comes in.
    You really do need to do your homework before you put down your hard earned money. “Digital Photography for Beginners” covers this information for you, with information such as:

    • Digital or Film - Pros and Cons. Review the differences and make sure you are evaluating the pluses and minuses
    • How to Buy a Digital Camera. What you should look for when shopping. Make sure you are buying for the right reasons,
    • Other Equipment for Beginners. The camera alone may not be enough to meet your needs. Find out for sure.
    • About the Lenses. The digital lens is quite different than lenses used on conventional 35mm. Learn what those differences are and how they affect your performance.
    • It's All About the Lighting. Discover how to use light to your advantage.
    • Black and White. Yes, you can still take black and white. Find out how it is done.
    • How to Get the Right Exposure. Making the difference between success and failure.
    • Underwater Cameras. Yes, you can get digital cameras for underwater use.
    • Ins and Outs of Landscape Photos. Special techniques will insure your nature photos are successful.
    • Photographing Wildlife. Learn how to do it right before you try photographing animals in their natural habitat.
    • Read the Manual! Amazing how this step is often overlooked.
    • When to Use a Filter. You need to know when and how to use filters for optimum effect.

    We’ve made it pretty simple for you to learn how to shop for, purchase and use your first digital camera. All the answers to your questions can be found in “Digital Photography for Beginners” The points to remember are simple and easy. If it’s too difficult, you won’t find it in this guide.