Dirk Yuricich Photography



Lake Tahoe- based photographer Dirk Yuricich has traveled to over 30 countries, enjoying the landscapes, cultures, people, architecture, and foods of the lands he visits. His photography reflects a serendipitous approach to life; a love of discovery and working with what he finds, rather than planning and constructing a shot/ image.

Dirk's work can be seen at his two galleries in Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada, U.S. as well as at Art Festivals and Exhibitions on the U.S. West Coast.

This app is a collection of Dirk's Lake Tahoe and Sierra images, International images, and Animal images. It will include updates as Dirk releases new photographs and information on events that Dirk is participating in. The intent of this app is to allow viewers to browse through Dirk's images at their leisure, at any place or time.