DOF and Hyperfocal Calculator



*** Use the first three camera settings to customize your cameras ***

1. First 3 COC entries are customizable - select one and then press "Edit Camera" from the menu. Enter circle of confusion value and the dimensions of your sensor.
2. Tab for showing the DOF calculations for the range of apertures
3. Tab for showing the DOF calculations for the range of focal lengths
4. Tab for showing the DOF calculations for the range of subject distances
5. Tab for showing the FOV for the range of focal lengths

1. Depth of field
2. Hyperfocal distance
3. Near and far limits
4. DOF in front and behind subject
5. Rectilinear angle of view for the chosen camera and focal length

Inputs for (press and drag left and right to scroll the values):
1. Units (meters, feet, centimeters and inches - swipe the top panel left and right on the first tab to switch units)
2. f-stop
3. Focal Length
4. Subject Distance (long press selected value when units is meters/feet to input additional centimeters/inches)
5. Teleconverter (1.4x, 1.5x, 1.6x, 1.7x, 2.0x, 3.0x)

Settings for:
1. Showing custom COC Values only
2. Hiding the teleconverter input
3. f-stop increments, f-stop range start and end
4. Adjusting maximum subject distance

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