***** AndroidAppsReview: "truly excellent" "[filter tuning] is deep, rewarding and incredibly simple to navigate" and "a phenomenal deal" *****

Instant photo effects app, now including a variety of stroke-based filters - these unique filters create images by placing individual strokes guided by the underlying picture, giving a far better recreation of "drawing" than other apps can manage.

Drawcam is a fun app that allows live modification of pictures.

- works with the live feed from the camera, or with any image on your device, Google Drive etc.

- a wide range of filters, with a concentration on draw/art -type effects.

- 31 filters - many unique.

- the filters can be adjusted interactively in real time - there is no waiting.

- the range of adjustments is comprehensive and unusually wide.

- you can tailor and then save the filters, modifying the app to your own preferences.

- integrated with Twitter, Facebook, email and other device apps. Can even export directly to itself for multiple passes over an image.

- rapid app start-up and screen switching.

- digital SLR camera -like graphical interface.

If you discover that there is a device Drawcam is not compatible with, then please let us know (admin@fordartworks.co.uk) and we will endeavour to fix it as soon as possible. Please don't just leave a 1 star rating. Thanks.

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