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Create Wiggle Images (image series with a 3D effect or just little stop motion movies moving forward and backwards)

My 3D camera app "Easy 3D Camera" was still too difficult to understand and use for some users, so here is the program for creating the wiggle images most customers of Easy 3D camera liked even more than stereo 3D images!

Free version: shows ads, can save 20 wiggle images
Paid version: no ads, unlimited number of wiggle images can be saved

Why are the screenshots black? Because in this app you create the content, there is nothing else to see ;-)

- this app can even capture series of 25 images instead of only 9 like Easy 3D Camera (this will be increased in future versions)
- not everyone owns red-blue glasses, so just capture a series of images from left to right, moving forward or around an object in any direction...
- capture an image with 3D-like effect by moving only a little bit to the right after every shot, or by moving around an object in small angles
- it's also great fun to capture little image series, it does not have to be a "3D" image (try walking along a road, an eating toddler, etc.)

Also try the app "Facts about me"... for some roundhouse-kicking fun facts about yourself ;-)

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